Word Cookies Blueberry Answers


Stuck on Word Cookies Fantastic Chef Blueberry(8 cookies max) level? Here are the answers.
Do you enjoy the word puzzle games? Do you like cookies? Do you like challenge?
Here comes the perfect game for you, Word Cookies!
Word Cookies Blueberry 1 – Galactic, Act, Ail, Cat, Lag, Lit, Tag, Gait, Gala, Gilt, Tail
Word Cookies Blueberry 2 – Wherever, Err, Eve, Her, Hew, Wee, Ever, Here, Veer, Were, Where
Word Cookies Blueberry 3 – Handcuff, And, Can, Dun, Fad, Fan, Fun, Had, Cuff, Fund, Hand
Word Cookies Blueberry 4 – Trustful, Fur, Rut, Furs, Lust, Rust, Ruts, Slur, Surf, Turf, Strut, Trust, Turfs
Word Cookies Blueberry 5 – Vivacity, Act, Cat, Icy, Ivy, Tic, Vat, Via, City, Cavity
Word Cookies Blueberry 6 – Annoying, Ago, Any, Gin, Inn, Ion, Nag, Gain, Yoga, Agony, Anion, Annoy
Word Cookies Blueberry 7 – Immobile, Elm, Lie, Mob, Mom, Oil, Bile, Boil, Limb, Lime, Lobe, Memo, Mile, Mime, Mole, Limbo, Mobile
Word Cookies Blueberry 8 – Colossal, All, Also, Call, Coal, Cool, Lass, Loss, Solo, Calls, Class, Coals, Cools, Local, Solos, Locals
Word Cookies Blueberry 9 – Bookworm, Bow, Mob, Mow, Orb, Rob, Row, Woo, Book, Boom, Brow, Moor, Rook, Room, Womb, Work, Worm, Brook, Broom
Word Cookies Blueberry 10 – Truthful, Fur, Hut, Rut, Hurl, Hurt, Turf, Truth, Hurtful
Word Cookies Blueberry 11 – Reviewer, Err, Eve, Ire, Vie, Ever, Veer, View, Weir, Were, Wire, River, Review, Rewire, Viewer
Word Cookies Blueberry 12 – Figuring, Fig, Fin, Fir, Fun, Fur, Gig, Gin, Gun, Rig, Rug, Run, Urn, Grin, Ring, Ruin, Rung, Fungi, Firing
Word Cookies Blueberry 13 – Takeaway, Ate, Awe, Eat, Key, Tea, Way, Wet, Yak, Yet, Yew, Away, Take, Teak, Wake, Weak, Awake, Tweak
Word Cookies Blueberry 14 – Tomahawk, Ham, Hat, Hot, How, Mat, Maw, Mow, Oak, Oat, Tow, Two, Who, Atom, Hawk, Math, Moth, Oath, Thaw, What, Whom
Word Cookies Blueberry 15 – Overcook, Ore, Roe, Coke, Cook, Core, Cork, Cove, Over, Rock, Rook, Rove, Cover, Crook, Cooker
Word Cookies Blueberry 16 – Mosquito, Its, Out, Sit, Sum, Too, Mist, Moot, Most, Must, Omit, Oust, Outs, Quit, Soot, Suit, Moist, Omits, Quits
Word Cookies Blueberry 17 – Handbook, And, Bad, Ban, Dab, Don, Had, Hob, Nod, Oak, Band, Bank, Bond, Book, Boon, Hand, Hood, Hook, Knob, Nook
Word Cookies Blueberry 18 – Preparer, Ape, Are, Ear, Era, Err, Par, Pea, Per, Rap, Pare, Pear, Peep, Peer, Rare, Reap, Rear, Paper, Prepare
Word Cookies Blueberry 19 – Commando, And, Can, Cod, Con, Dam, Don, Mad, Man, Mom, Nod, Coda, Coma, Doom, Moan, Mono, Mood, Moon, Comma, Nomad, Common, Command
Word Cookies Blueberry 20 – Pivoting, Gin, Got, Ion, Nip, Nit, Not, Opt, Pig, Pin, Pit, Pot, Tin, Tip, Tog, Ton, Top, Into, Pint, Ingot, Pivot, Point, Opting, Voting

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