Word Cookies Paramesan Answers


Stuck on Word Cookies Legendary Chef Paramesan(8 cookies max) level? Here are the answers.
Do you enjoy the word puzzle games? Do you like cookies? Do you like challenge?
Here comes the perfect game for you, Word Cookies!
Word Cookies Parmesan 1 – Bee, Beef, Belief, Bell, Bile, Bill, Eel, Elf, Exile, Fee, Feel, Fell, File, Fill, Fix, Flee, Flexible, Ill, Libel, Lie, Life
Word Cookies Parmesan 2 – Clone, Clue, Con, Cone, Cue, Echo, Eon, Hen, Hole, Hone, Hue, Lone, Lunch, Luncheon, Lune, Neon, None, Noun, Nun, Once, One, Ounce, Uncle
Word Cookies Parmesan 3 – And, Ape, Aped, Append, Deep, Den, End, Had, Hand, Happen, Happened, Head, Heap, Heaped, Heed, Hen, Nap, Nape, Napped, Need, Pad, Pan, Pane, Pea, Peep, Pen
Word Cookies Parmesan 4 – Fig, Fight, Fin, Fit, Fun, Fungi, Gift, Gig, Gin, Gun, Gunfight, Gut, Hint, Hit, Hug, Hung, Hunt, Hut, Night, Nit, Nut, Thin, Thing, Tin, Tug, Unfit, Unit, Thug
Word Cookies Parmesan 5 – Bet, Boot, Bore, Core, Cot, Jet, Job, Jot, Object, Objector, Oboe, Orb, Ore, Rob, Robe, Robot, Roe, Root, Rot, Rote, Toe, Too, Tore
Word Cookies Parmesan 6 – Gig, Gin, Going, Gong, Got, Gout, Gun, Gut, Ingot, Into, Ion, Nit, Not, Nut, Onto, Out, Outgoing, Outing, Tin, Ton, Too, Tug, Unit, Unto
Word Cookies Parmesan 7 – Deep, Deer, Drug, Due, Dug, Edge, Greed, Jeer, Judge, Jug, Peer, Peg, Per, Prejudge, Pug, Pure, Puree, Purge, Purged, Red, Reed, Rude, Rue, Rug, Urge, Urged
Word Cookies Parmesan 8 – Ahead, Aid, Aide, Away, Awe, Awed, Day, Dew, Dewy, Die, Dye, Had, Hay, Head, Headway, Hew, Hey, Hid, Hide, Hideaway, Idea, Wad, Wade, Way, Wed, Why, Wide, Yew
Word Cookies Parmesan 9 – Age, Ale, Alga, Algae, Angel, Angle, Egg, Gag, Gala, Gale, Gang, Gauge, Gel, Glean, Glue, Gun, Lag, Lane, Language, Lean, Leg, Lug, Lune, Lung, Lunge, Nag
Word Cookies Parmesan 10 – Cod, Code, Cope, Coped, Copied, Coup, Cue, Cued, Cup, Dice, Die, Dip, Doe, Due, Duo, Epic, Ice, Iced, Occupied, Ode, Pie, Pied, Pod, Cop
Word Cookies Parmesan 11 – Aim, Air, Arc, Arm, Cairn, Calm, Can, Car, Claim, Clam, Clan, Cram, Criminal, Lain, Lair, Liar, Mail, Main, Man, Manic, Mar, Nail, Nil, Rail, Rain, Ran, Rim, Ram, Ail, Cilia
Word Cookies Parmesan 12 – Add, And, Dawn, Don, Down, Download, Lad, Land, Law, Lawn, Load, Loan, Loon, Low, Nod, Now, Odd, Old, Owl, Own, Wad, Wand, Won, Woo, Wood, Woodland, Wool, Dad
Word Cookies Parmesan 13 – Cine, Cod, Code, Coin, Coincide, Con, Cone, Coned, Conic, Den, Dice, Die, Din, Dine, Doe, Don, Done, End, Eon, Ice, Iced, Icon, Iconic, Iodine, Ion, Ionic, Nice, Nod, Node, Ode, Once, One
Word Cookies Parmesan 14 – February, Berry, Buyer, Ferry, Fryer, Furry, Bare, Bear, Bury, Fare, Fear, Fray, Fury, Rare, Rear, Ruby, Year, Are, Bar, Bay, Bra, Bur, Buy, Bye, Ear, Era, Err, Far, Fry, Fur, Ray, Rub, Rue, Rye
Word Cookies Parmesan 15 – Ace, Ale, Alive, Cave, Clove, Coal, Coil, Cove, Evil, Ice, Lace, Laze, Lice, Lie, Live, Love, Oil, Olive, Oval, Vale, Veal, Veil, Via, Vial, Vice, Vie, Vile, Viol, Viola, Vocal, Vocalize, Voice, Zeal, Ail
Word Cookies Parmesan 16 – Age, Agree, Are, Bag, Bar, Bare, Barge, Bear, Beaver, Bee, Beer, Beg, Beverage, Bra, Brag, Brave, Eager, Ear, Era, Eve, Ever, Garb, Gave, Gear, Grab, Grave, Rag, Rage, Rave, Veer, Verb, Verge
Word Cookies Parmesan 17 – Aim, Air, Arc, Arch, Aria, Arm, Cairn, Can, Car, Chain, Chair, Chairman, Char, Charm, Chin, Cram, Hair, Ham, Harm, Him, Inch, Main, Man, Mania, Maniac, Manic, Mar, March, Rain, Ran, Ranch, Rich, Rim, Ram
Word Cookies Parmesan 18 – Gel, Get, Gilt, Girl, Glitter, Glittery, Grey, Grit, Gritty, Ire, Leg, Let, Lie, Lit, Liter, Litter, Lye, Rely, Rig, Rile, Rite, Rye, Tie, Tier, Tiger, Tile, Tilt, Tire, Title, Trite, Try, Yet
Word Cookies Parmesan 19 – Cocktail, Click, Cloak, Clock, Alto, Clot, Coal, Coat, Cock, Coil, Lack, Lick, Lock, Tack, Taco, Tail, Talk, Tick, Toil, Act, Ail, Cat, Cot, Ilk, Kit, Lit, Lot, Oak, Oat, Oil, Tic, Colt
Word Cookies Parmesan 20 – Den, Dens, Deny, Due, Duel, Duels, Dues, Duly, Dun, Dune, Dunes, Dye, Dyed, Dyes, End, Ends, Led, Lend, Lends, Lens, Lune, Lye, Nude, Nudes, Send, Sled, Sly, Sudden, Suddenly, Sue, Sued, Sun, Use, Used, Yes